Our Vision

We envision a world where maths is not a source of fear or frustration but a source of joy and inspiration. Our vision is to empower learners to not only conquer maths but to embrace it as a powerful tool for problem-solving, innovation, and personal growth.

Kristof Kovacs

A Message From Kristof

I never really liked maths in high-school and yet I chose it as one of my majors at university...

During my lectures, I realised that there are so many applications of maths that not many people know about.

I looked back at the content being taught in high-schools and I struggled to find real, exciting and engaging applications of maths.

And that's why I started Mathdrops. Mathdrops presents mathematics in a fun and digestible form while applying the content to the real-world, it is something I wish I had when I started high school.

We're blessed everyday to help you conquer maths, and we're passionate about becoming the pioneering platform for the future of maths education.

Maths is hard.
Mathdrops is here to help you see past the complexity and keep you motivated.

Here's to changing how we think about maths! 🥳



For press inquiries, email kristof@mathdrops.com.